Break My Brain 1: Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Gah, ow! Taking the line of thought of how extra-terrestrials, if they were to visit Earth(if you think in that fashion, that is), would obviously have to be a lot smarter than we are. How else would you be able to master the science necessary to fly between the stars, right? For example, we still haven’t got nuclear fission down pat yet, and we want to travel the stars? I know, I know, you think that your Iphone is really something, but it’s just small potatoes compared to interstellar navigation and faster-than-light travel.

If that’s the case then the question that we really should ask is, “How much smarter would they be?” Neil deGrasse Tyson gives you an idea, along with a serving of humble pie, á la mode (email me and I’ll teach you my mom’s recipe…  uhh.. but not humble pie….it’s apple pie…. á la mode…  it’s good, trust me).

Anyway, mow down and evolve, would ya?

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