Dogs in pants? What the hell….?!

I bet you’re wondering, ” ‘Dogs in Pants’? What’s this about?”

OK, so it refers to a joke that I fire out  from time to time and it’s a play on my heritage. My dad used to try to tell me jokes all the time and they, more often than not, fell flatter than a portable hole.

Italian jokes told by older italian men are…..  well…  kinda lame. Seriously. I’ve never found any jokes told by old Italian men to be funny. Invariably they’re of the set ’em up/knock ’em down variety, à la:

“Ey! You know whattsa funny? Dis is-a funny! You know else isa funny? Dat’s-a funny!”

So the joke goes like this (and don’t forget to put on your best bad Italian accent, heavy on the hand gestures):

One Italian guy says to another, “Ey! You know whattsa funny?”

Other Italian guy says, “I donno, you telle me whattsa funny.”

1st Italian guy, “Dogsa inna pants! Look! ‘Eetsa dog! He’sa wearina pants!”

The other Italian guy slaps himself on the forehead and says, “Mama-mia! ‘Eessa right! Luigi! Come ‘ere, you gotta lissen a-diss!”

And repeat.

Funny thing is, I find half-Italians laugh at the joke harder than anyone. A buddy of mine told his Italian co-worker and he (my buddy) thought his co-woker was gonna die!


Now you know. Go forth and multiply.

Just kidding. You’re probably not the best candidate for it anyway.

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